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How To Do Framing Of A Wall?

Most modern residences have 2-by-4-inch wood walls. A typical wall features horizontal plates and 16-inch-apart vertical studs. Doors, windows, and other openings have headers installed inside studs. Jacks, cripples, or trimmers are installed between headers and plates to support openings without full studs. Some walls need multiple studs at ends or other areas, while some…
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Why Choose Mint Video

This is the era of videos and films, there is a vast and bright future in this career. You have seen how Hollywood and Bollywood have been prospering for years. People earn so much in through films and in making a single film, a lot of people are involved, or you can say the entire…
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How A Gallery Of Your Trendy Clicks Can Boost Your Personality?

What one needs to be captured in the perfect pose is an amazing ambiance with window light, a spacious and clean studio along with a perfect professional. There are myriads of service ranging from women’s portrait, couple’s portrait, bridal editorial, wedding, engagement, and family available. You need not to worry about your looks, outfits or…
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